DaMon Macklin – USO (University Prep/Sci-Tech/Obama Academy

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Assistant football coach DaMon Macklin from USO (University Prep/Sci-Tech/Obama Academy) is a firm believer in Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM). “Sometimes, youth need honest conversations. After I heard about what the program entailed, I knew I had to bring it to my players,” DaMon said. CBIM is an evidence-based program that gives high school coaches the tools to talk about healthy relationships and respectful behaviors and empowers male athletes to be positive bystanders. According to DaMon, “A coach is a mentor who helps his players grow into respectable men
in the community, not just tell them what they want to hear.” DaMon recognizes the importance of talking about more than football with his athletes. Since starting the program, DaMon has seen how impactful it has been: his athletes are eager to participate in the discussions, and he attests, “it’s changing the way [they] react in certain situations.” He encourages other coaches to follow his lead: “Just try one card. See what reaction you get. That’s all it takes.”

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