George Messich – Mapletown High School

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George Messich, head football coach at Mapletown High School, knows the role a coach can play in their athletes’ lives. He has been coaching for nearly 40 years. “Coaches can have more of an influence than other school personnel or even parents,” he says. “As a coach, I am an authority figure, but I also have a very close relationship with my players.”

The coach is in his third season implementing Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM), a program that empowers student athletes to be positive role models and teaches life lessons they can carry into adulthood. In a series of conversations, players learn about healthy, respectful relationships, social media, and more.

“CBIM has opened our players’ eyes on the proper way to treat teammates, girls, as well as teachers and other adults,” he says. “The players are more aware of how their behavior affects others. They are also more aware of the pitfalls of social media and are beginning to see how things they say and do now can affect their lives far into the future.”

His advice to other coaches considering the program? “Try it! You’ll be surprised how easy it will be once you get it started.”

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