East End Cooperative Ministry

East End Cooperative Ministry (EECM) was founded in 1970 as a collective response to changes in the community, born when the leaders of 18 local faith communities recognized that the troubles of the community were too great for any one of them to address alone. Starting with interracial breakfasts for Peabody High School students, EECM’s services have expanded as the needs of the community have dictated. Today, EECM provides educational programs, drug and alcohol prevention programs, violence prevention programs and Summer Day Camp for children and youth, all in a concerted effort to show our children a better future.

East End Cooperative Ministries’ youth services division has embraced primary prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Staff attended Jackson Katz Man-Up workshop and A Call to Men: A Call to Action with Tony Porter, and have sought training in Coaching Boys into Men. Additionally the agency co-sponsored the Clergy briefing on Ending Violence Against Women.