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Sign the Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence

3778 signatures and counting...

Signing the Father’s Day Pledge signals your intention to take action to end domestic violence and sexual assault. It is a commitment to work with others in our community so everyone can live free from fear. By completing this form, your name will appear below as well as on the statewide listing of signers for the Father’s Day Pledge at PASaysNoMore.com.

If you share your email address with us, we will send you a monthly update to support implementing the Pledge throughout the year.


• Not use violence of any form in my relationships.
• Speak up if I witness harassment or abusive behavior.
• Take reports of abuse seriously and support survivors.
• Mentor and teach young people to have safe, mutually respectful relationships.
• Work to end all forms of violence. I will lead by example.
— Adapted from 10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence by Dr. Jackson Katz, 2013

Me comprometo a hacer mi comunidad un lugar más seguro al:

  • Aprender acerca de violencia doméstica y asalto sexual,
  • Modelar respeto e igualdad en mis relaciones, y
  • Alzando mi voz en contra de comportamientos irrespetuosos y abusivos.

3778 signatures and counting...

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