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  Dear Men

to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

I Pledge To

  • Not use violence of any form in my relationships.
  • Speak up if I witness harassment or abusive behavior.
  • Take reports of abuse seriously and support survivors.
  • Mentor and teach young people to have safe, mutually respectful relationships.
  • Work to end all forms of violence. I will lead by example.

— Adapted from 10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence by Dr. Jackson Katz, 2013

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Tips & resources
for Living the Pledge

If you encounter a troubling situation, put the 5 Ds into practice:

Distract: Draw attention away from the person being targeted. Drop something; ask what time it is; pretend you are lost and ask for directions.

Delegate: Get help from someone in authority (such as a supervisor, bus driver or teacher). Ask the person being targeted if they want you to call the police.

Direct: If you feel safe, interrupt, and calmly say, "That’s not ok." "Leave them alone." "That’s inappropriate." "You’re out of line." "Knock it off."

Document: If you can't safely intervene, film what is happening from a distance. Always ask the target what they want done with the footage. Don't post it online without permission.

Delay: After the incident, ask if they are ok. Say you are sorry it happened. Ask how to offer support.

Adapted from Hollaback Bystander Intervention Resources

Employers play a crucial role in protecting the workplace from violence related to partner abuse. Join Standing Firm: The Business Case to End Partner Violence for assistance with policies, training and tools to help employees feel safe at home and at work. Learn more at

Men signing the pledge and participating in the video

The stories
Dear Men

Every woman has a story
Every man has a choice

Southwest PA Says NO MORE presents a new video to shed light on the importance of men taking action to address domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment and how their words and actions make a difference. Watch the video now



You may never know what impact your choices make
But she will

Domestic violence and sexual assault affect as many as one in three women; abuse increased during Covid-19.

Each year, Southwest PA Says NO MORE invites men and women to take the Pledge to end domestic and sexual violence.

While it can be difficult to express support or know what to do, men in particular play a vital role in ending gender-based violence. In 2021, we created the 'Dear Men' series showing how small actions can make a difference.

Filmed in Pittsburgh, several local men read letters from women, recounting abuse they experienced and an action a man took that made a difference to her at the time, whether he knew it or not. The letters depict the everyday acts — in the workplace, on the bus, in the classroom, on the soccer field — that changed a life.

Watch this powerful video and make the choice. Pledge to end domestic and sexual abuse.

Southwest PA Says No More is dedicated to ending domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment by increasing awareness, inspiring action and fueling culture change. The blue NO MORE symbol is the unifying symbol to express universal support for ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

Attendees gather for the Father's Day Pledge Event

Father's Day Pledge

In 2014, Pittsburgh became the first city in Pennsylvania to participate in the Father’s Day Pledge. The first public ceremony was held downtown in the Allegheny County Courthouse Courtyard in 2015.

On June 13, 2019, the largest Father's Day Pledge gathering took place at U.S. Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh. More than 400 business, civic and community members and public officials took the pledge to end violence against women, including several of the region's largest employers: UPMC, Koppers, Ernst & Young LLC, PNC, KPMG, Schneider Downs and Highmark Health.

More than 3,600 southwestern Pennsylvanians have signed the pledge online.

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