Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence

Father’s Day Pledge is an opportunity for men to join women in taking action to end domestic violence and sexual assault. It was inspired by Connect NYC.

Domestic and sexual violence affect us all – either directly or through people we know. In fact, 75% of men in Southwest PA know someone who has been personally affected, and 90% of men agree that “Men like me have an important role to play in ending violence against women.

In their role as fathers, uncles, brothers, mentors, colleagues and role models, have many opportunities to help. It makes a difference when they talk to their children about healthy relationships, confront other men about disrespectful jokes or behavior, and actively express support for victims to get help.

Every spring, men join women in showing show their commitment to ending violence by signing the Pledge online or at one of several public signing events. Click below to learn more and discover ways to get involved.

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