Auberle is a nationally recognized human services agency, founded in 1952 to help troubled children and families to heal themselves. The agency serves over 3,250 at-risk children and families each year in 16 program areas, primarily in eight Southwestern Pennsylvania counties. Auberle recognizes that many of the children and families it serves have been impacted by trauma, including domestic violence and sexual assault. In response, the agency has become increasingly trauma-informed in its approach.

Research tells us that childhood exposure to abuse increases the likelihood of both further victimization and of potential perpetration of violence in adolescence and adulthood. (Though most victims do not become offenders). As an agency, Auberle has embraced primary prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Staff attended Jackson Katz Man-Up workshop and A Call to Men: A Call to Action with Tony Porter, and have sought training in Coaching Boys into Men. Auberle is now developing a plan for integrating primary prevention throughout its services and measuring the impact this approach will have on clients and staff.