STANDING FIRM: The Business Case to End Partner Violence

Intimate partner (domestic) violence may begin at home, but it comes to work with a victim or perpetrator. Partner violence increases employer healthcare costs, decreases worker productivity, and introduces the potential for violence in the workplace. A quarter of workplace violence events are related to PV, and it happens in all kinds of workplaces.

Southwestern Pennsylvania is fortunate to have STANDING FIRM: The Business Case to End Partner Violence as a resource to assist businesses in addressing partner violence in the workplace. STANDING FIRM—one of the only organizations in the nation dedicated to addressing partner violence as a workplace issue— alerts employers to the financial, safety, and human costs of PV in the workforce and provides employers with tools for taking effective organizational action. More than 300 local companies and organizations have joined STANDING FIRM and are taking steps to save money and keep their workers safe. Joining the network of STANDING FIRM employers who are taking a stand against partner violence is free. Find out more about STANDING FIRM here.


The Pittsburgh Technology Council received the 2015 Employer Award for integrating ways of addressing partner violence that keep the workplace safe while helping workers. What does the Pittsburgh Technology Council actually do to address partner violence at their organization? They:

• Adopted a comprehensive policy on partner violence;
• Provided training to managers and staff on partner violence;
• Affixed informational flyers in company restrooms; and
• Shared partner violence with its 1,100 members via their magazine and radio show.

In recognition of her tireless advocacy for STANDING FIRM, Kristy Trautmann, Executive Director, FISA Foundation, is the 2015 recipient of the STANDING FIRM Champion Award. A passionate advocate in the fight against gender violence, Ms. Trautmann was at the forefront of creating STANDING FIRM and continues to fiercely advocate for STANDING FIRM’s mission. Her brilliant and strategic influence has helped to propel STANDING FIRM to be a leader in educating employers about partner violence and empowering them to take action.