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  Coaching Boys Into Men

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Southwest PA Says NO MORE is a growing community of organizations and individuals who are working to end domestic and sexual violence.

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Steelers take the Father’s Day Pledge

Bobbi Watt Geer of United Way of Southwestern Pa Says No More

Tom Pratt of Schneider Downs Says No More

Mark Twerdok of KPMG Says No More

Mike McClaine of Aspirant Says No More

Bernie Colbert of PAAR Says No More

Fifth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Event Recap

Fifth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Highlights Reel

Coaching Boys Into Men Program Summary

Paul Mulbah of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Says No More

Alexandra Brooks of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA Says NO MORE

Rhonda Fleming of WC&S Says NO MORE

Leon Hoffman of Ernst & Young Says NO MORE

George Fleming of Allegheny Family Network Says NO MORE

Mayor Peduto Says NO MORE

Leroy Ball of Koppers Says NO MORE

Fourth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Event Recap

Fourth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Event Highlights

NO MORE K12 – Message to students who have been sexually harassed PSA 3

NO MORE K-12 Speaking Out

Coaching Boys Into Men 101

Bhola Dhungana Says NO MORE

Ray Carter of WPXI-TV Says NO MORE

Ray Betler of Wabtec Corporation Says NO MORE

Dr. Gary Cuccia Says NO MORE

Third Annual Father’s Day Pledge Event

2017 Father’s Day Pledge Event Highlights

2016-17: A Year of Voices in Prevention

Chris McAneny Wants a Better World for All of Us

Grant Oliphant: We Carry This Action With Us

Charlie Batch Promotes CBIM

NCJW and the Silent Witness Initiative

MVPs Live the Pledge

The JCC Takes Action to End Violence

José Garth Says ‘NO MORE’

Patrick Gallagher Speaks about Campus Sexual Assault

2nd Annual Father’s Day Pledge Signing Event

Father’s Day Pledge 2016 Highlights

Pirates Say “I Do” to Healthy Relationships

A Year of Prevention in Action

Kristy Trautmann sees a future where people will always say speak out if they see disrespect or abuse. And that will change everything.

Grant Oliphant: Manhood is about lifting people up

There are many different ways to be a man, but there’s only one way to treat women: with respect, dignity, and equality. ‪

Rev. Darnell O. Leonard: Men must engage each other

Violence against women is not a women’s problem. This is a problem in every neighborhood, in every community, and it’s OUR problem.

Laura Karet: People can’t change the world if they don’t feel safe

Reverend Richard Freeman “Let’s be better men”

Superintendent Johnson: stopping violence against women begins with young men

Kristy Trautmann knows that we can end violence against women. It starts by believing that we can.

Pittsburgh leaders pledge NO MORE violence against women

Voices of Men: Tony Porter

WPXI Says “Men, get involved”

WPXI says “No More”

An important message from Pittsburgh’s corporate and civic leaders to you

Southwest PA Says NO MORE Launch Video

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On average more than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the U.S.

1 in 4

Nearly one in four women in the U.S. reports experiencing violence by a current or former spouse or boyfriend at some point in her life.


Women are much more likely than men to be victimized by a current or former intimate partner.

1 in 3

Approximately one in three adolescent girls in the United States is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

It's time to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our region.

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Committed to Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism and Anti-Violence

The Black Lives Matter movement has invited all of us into deeper reflection about racism and white privilege. The national conversation has largely focused on policing, but the reality is that racism and privilege are embedded in all of our systems and institutions, even those created with expressly good intentions like those that support victims of domestic and sexual violence or aim to prevent these crimes. It takes courage and commitment to look at ourselves and our organizations with the intent to learn how the poison of racism lives inside, even when we have the best of intentions to be equitable and inclusive. Futures Without …

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She Matters: Protecting & Uplifting the Well-Being of Black Girls – Webinar Series

The Black Lives Matter movement has invited all of us into deeper reflection about the impacts of racism and privilege on us, on our communities, and in our work to end domestic and sexual violence. To be effective, we need to understand and acknowledge the long history of exploitation and violence against Black and brown people, and how systems of racism and oppression continue to shape the experience of Black girls today, increasing their vulnerability to harm and providing fewer options for safety and justice. Southwest PA Says No More is proud to be a partner of Gwen’s Girls and the Black Girls Equity Alliance, …

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Southwest Pa Says No More Pittsburgh teams up with the Steelers for Father’s Day Pledge to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

GM & players recite the pledge and say “No More” in Zoom-style video The Pittsburgh Steelers are taking a stand to end violence against women in a new campaign for the 6th annual Father’s Day Pledge. Each year, prominent community members lend their voices to the prevention of domestic and sexual assault in our region. Thanks to a grant awarded by the NFL Foundation, the 2020 Father’s Day Pledge campaign is being observed (virtually) with help from the Steelers. The new video opens with a startling statistic: “Steeler Nation is not just about geography. It’s about values: loyalty, perseverance, doing what is right even when …

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Support the Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence in 2020

Each year, Southwest Pa Says No More invites community members to lend their voice to the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault for the annual Father’s Day Pledge. While we cannot publicly gather as in years past, we encourage everyone to do their part. This message comes at a critical time as reports of abuse continue to rise in our region. Here are three ways to show support: Take the pledge! https://southwestpasaysnomore.org/fathers-day-pledge/ Say “NO MORE” and share why on social media with this downloadable sign. Look for an exclusive video debut on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, 2020. Also hear local leaders recite the …

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