9th Annual NO MORE Pledge

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Let the Sunshine In

The 2022 NO MORE Pledge event looked a little different than in years past. In-person, in color, and at the kickoff of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, it was an energizing way to engage the community in this year’s campaign.

This truly new and unique event focused on ways that we can all commit to ending domestic and sexual violence and centered around the unveiling of an interactive art installation that asks Arts Festival attendees to think about the health of their relationships and those of their friends and loved ones. 

Kevin Wilkes, Chief Security Officer of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, welcomed attendees to the event and highlighted the importance for employers to take action to address partner violence.

Bobbi Watt Geer, President & CEO at United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, reiterated that Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a critical community issue that matters to all of us.  

Against the backdrop of an unusually violent time in our country’s history with gun violence plaguing communities, Kristy Trautmann, Executive Director of FISA Foundation, reminded attendees of the harmful, less visible forms of violence that take place every day behind closed doors. She emphasized that abuse thrives in secrecy and that “by speaking out and taking the Pledge, we make it safer for victims to reach out for help and harder for those who use violence to get away with it.”

It is easy to think of gender based violence as only abuse that leaves bruises, but Lisa Perry, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, reminded attendees that there are many forms of violence beyond physical violence. And while that may seem overwhelming, all of those forms of abuse are preventable.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald shared why he feels that speaking out about domestic violence and sexual assault matters. He also highlighted Allegheny County’s role in promoting Intimate Partner Violence reform to ensure that all victims get the help they need to be safe. 

Carlos Carter, President, and CEO of Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, led the group in a recitation of the Pledge. Guests were then invited to the official unveiling of the art installation by local scenic artist Jiahui Shi. The installation’s intent is to catalyze conversations about relationships, to let people know that 2-1-1 is an easy way to access help, and to invite Arts Festival attendees to take the Pledge.

We hope you were able to see the installation, take a selfie, and sign the pledge during the 2022 Three Rivers Arts Festival


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