Words Matter

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Change happens when we recognize that our language matters.

In September 2019, Merriam-Webster added more than 530 new words to the dictionary, including entries for identity and race. “They” is now “used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary.” And a new sense of “inclusive” has been added: “allowing and accommodating people who have historically been excluded (because of their race, gender, sexuality, or ability).” So, why are we still referring to a piece of clothing as a “wife beater?”

During #DVAM, we are saying NO MORE to language that normalizes violence. Join us in asking dictionaries to make a change.

Sample social media posts:

– It’s 2019, why are we still calling a piece of clothing a “wife beater?” Our language matters. We are asking @MerriamWebster to make a change during #DVAM. #ChangeHappensHere #NOMORE
– Our words matter. A tank top is not a “wife beater.” This #DVAM, #ChangeHappensHere. #1thing you can do is join us in asking @CambridgeWords to remove this word from the dictionary. #NOMORE
– It’s 2019, and dictionaries still make the association between tank tops and domestic violence? We think it’s time to get rid of the term “wife beater.” Do you? @CambridgeWords #ChangeHappensHere #NOMORE
– During #DVAM, #1thing we’re doing is saying #NOMORE to language that normalizes violence. Shirts are not “wife beaters.” #ChangeHappensHere
– We want to remove “wife beaters” from our language and society once and for all. We are asking @MerriamWebster to remove the term “wife beater” from their dictionary. #ChangeHappensHere #NOMORE
– By shining a light on how absurd and offensive calling tank tops “wife beaters” is, we can stop normalizing this term and remove it from our clothing culture. Don’t you agree, @CambridgeWords? #ChangeHappensHere #NOMORE


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