Brian Nolte – Carrick High School

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As a first-year head coach of the Carrick High School football team, Coach Brian Nolte recognized he had to do something different to change the course of the program. His first step in changing the culture was building trust and consistency. He says Coaching Boys Into Men contributed to that effort, “This program allows for the players to come together as a part of something that’s bigger than themselves and to build trust between players and coaches. CBIM creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the players to be vulnerable and open about their feelings, experiences, and attitude toward different sensitive topics.”

When asked what advice he’d give to a coach who is considering CBIM, he said, “Dive in without fear. Everyone is nervous at first, but that goes away and you uncover some amazing growth opportunities for you, your coaches, and the players. CBIM brought this team together as a family. Bring up the topic and let the players create the magic. You’ll be amazed
at how eager these young men will be to discuss some sensitive issues. You have to be strong enough to allow for the growth to happen and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

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