Pittsburgh Pirates promote Coaching Boys Into Men

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As part of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ leadership in promoting safe and healthy communities, Manager Clint Hurdle and the Pirates’ coaching staff met with 70 youth coaches to talk about the role of coaches as mentors.

“I always wanted to know three things from my coach: 1. Can I trust you? 2. Do you care about me? and 3. Can you help me be better?” cited Hurdle. He talked about the ways he has built a culture of trust and mutual respect among the players, and he encouraged the youth coaches to do the same. “As a coach you are a leader.  Like a boat, you leave a wake whether you want to or not.”

Frank Coonelly, Pirates CEO, talked specifically about the role of professional sports in promoting respect for women. He introduced local coaches who are implementing Coaching Boys into Men, as well as CBIM trainers from Center for Victims, 3ENow and Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

Nearly 50 coaches expressed interest in getting trained in Coaching Boys into Men and implementing the program with their teams.  The Pirates will host a Coaching Boys into Men training in February and will offer incentives to teams that implement the program next baseball season.


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