Spotlight on Crisis Center North

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Crisis Center North

In our spotlight series, Grace Coleman, executive director, shares a story of a remarkable survivor who was on her way to financial independence before the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Crisis Center North (CCN) is working with clients in new, innovative ways to keep them safe and meet their needs during the pandemic. During the Covid-19 outbreak, CCN’s mobile counseling unit has been helping a remarkable survivor who has worked to get herself through college after spending two years in transitional housing. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, she was on her way to financial independence and security for the first time, having just found a permanent place and a full-time job. However, after Covid-19, she was placed on leave with little savings. Our agency has been able to provide hygiene and cleaning items that she simply couldn’t afford and assist her and her child with transportation to her local grocery store to reduce her exposure to the virus. If she were to become ill, she is the only one who can care for her child, as she has no family in her life to help. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “It is really nice to have someone in my life who cares and supports me. I have felt alone in all this and to know I am not is really important.” She reports she and her child are safe, so they can now successfully shelter in place.”

To contact an advocate at Crisis Center North, please reach out to their Talk/Chat Line, text: 412-444-7660 or online chat at CCN’s 24/7 Hotline is 412-364-5556.

Crisis Center North provides free empowerment counseling and advocacy to adult, teen, and child victims of domestic violence in the northern and western communities of Allegheny County. The Center also provides educational programming to community and school programs.



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