Voices in Prevention

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By Kristy Trautmann 

Change almost never follows a straight path: not when we are trying to change a habit, not when we are learning a new skill, and not when we are working to change deeply held beliefs and attitudes. Even when we ache for change to happen and are willing to work tirelessly, change is hard.

Over the last several years, our country has demonstrated a sea change in attitudes and beliefs about domestic and sexual violence. It has become common for men as well as women to speak openly in support of victims and to demand that perpetrators of abuse be held accountable. Leaders across every sector: men and women in government, business, nonprofit, sports, civic and faith communities have all boldly voiced intolerance for disrespectful and abusive behaviors and have supported prevention efforts to stop these crimes from happening in the first place.

At this juncture, when we are facing significant changes in policy and budget priorities, many are feeling uncertain about the future of the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. Southwest PA Says No More is launching a new campaign – Voices in Prevention – as a reminder of the power of individuals to create change in their own neighborhoods and communities. We can create a safer world…if we do it together.

Visit the Voices in Prevention Project gallery. We hope you will join us by adding your voice.

Photo credit: Brian Cohen 

Note: If you’d like to participate in the VIP Project, please contact Olivia Lammel at olammel@elias-savion.com.

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