Lenny Orbovich – Carrick High School

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Carrick High School head wrestling and assistant football coach Lenny Orbovich sees the importance of educating his athletes about respecting women through Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM). Years of character-building coaching with his team has yielded positive results: “I hear the boys talking about our discussions outside of practice, and that’s how I know CBIM is making a difference.”

CBIM provides coaches and athletes the opportunity to talk about healthy relationships, social media, and how to be a positive bystander in sports and in school. “As a coach, I see my players as real people. I want them to achieve success on the field and on the mat, but I also want to see them achieve success in life.”

Lenny is optimistic about the long-lasting positive effects that CBIM can have on his male athletes, and he encourages other coaches to make the leap and commit to implementing CBIM.

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