Fourth Annual Father’s Day Pledge Event Recap

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Southwest PA Says No More hosted its fourth annual Father’s Day Pledge Public Signing Ceremony to end gender violence at the U.S. Steel Tower plaza.

Prominent business, civic and community leaders and public officials demonstrated their united commitment to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault at the pledge signing event, an inspiring call to action for our region.

During the rally, the leaders recited and signed The Father’s Day Pledge before a crowd of hundreds. Groups of employees from several companies, including Koppers and Ernst & Young LLP and UPMC, participated in the ceremony.

“The Father’s Day Pledge is an opportunity to renew our commitment, to believe and support survivors, to say aloud what we stand for, so that the people in our lives who have experienced violence know they can trust and depend on us,” said Kristy Trautmann, executive director, FISA Foundation. “The pledge is an invitation to men. The majority of men respect women, and the majority of men oppose gender based violence. The Father’s Day Pledge is about saying out loud the things we believe. We’re so proud of everyone who came to take a stand.”

The Rev. Liddy Barlow, Christian Associates of Southwest Pa, led the crowd in a recitation of the pledge. Monsignor Ronald Lengwin, Diocese of Pittsburgh, was also there in support.

Leon Hoffman, managing partner, Ernst & Young LLP, led the signing ceremony. “The real power is in living the pledge and making thoughtful decisions every day to build safer communities and work environments,” said Mr. Hoffman. More than 40 Ernst & Young employees attended and many more signed the pledge online. Following his remarks, Mr. Hoffman invited his counterparts, more than 20 corporate and community leaders, to step up and sign the pledge.

Leroy Ball, president and CEO, Koppers, also signed the pledge.

“It’s time to end the cycle of senseless violence affecting our communities,” Mr. Ball said. More than 50 Koppers employees attended the pledge signing ceremony.

The event was part of the statewide campaign organized by Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV), PA Says No More and Southwest PA Says No More. Pittsburgh became the first city in Pennsylvania to participate in the Father’s Day Pledge in 2014, and the first downtown Pittsburgh public signing event was held in 2015.

More than 3,100 southwestern Pennsylvanians have signed the pledge online. Add your signature here.

Click here to watch the event via Twitter.

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